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Never miss another closing because you are waiting on your surveyor. Our staff works around the clock to make sure the job is done.

Service With A Smile

Our professional and dedicated staff take pride in the quality, speed and accuracy of their work. A job is never done until our clients are satisfied.

Digital Delivery

Our online delivery allows you to place an order anytime and any place, freeing you from the limitations of location.

On Time

There is nothing more embarrassing than not having the documents you need to close a property.

We will make certain that you never miss another closing date!

Error Free

We have a team of experts, each with over a decade of experience, so that you can rest easy.

Our process ensures we catch errors before they ever reach you.


Excellence is a commitment to getting it right every time. For our staff this is only a minimum standard.

We are not satisfied until our clients are satisfied!

Our Promise

Our Promise is that you are our main focal point and your on-time closing is our ultimate goal. We understand that the surveying industry has historically treated residential closings as a secondary concern and unfortunately the price paid for that belief is the buyer and seller.

RPLS was founded on the idea that surveys should be On Time, Error Free and Excellent. There should be no need for the hassle faced so frequently by lenders, title companies, developers and most importantly buyers and sellers. RPLS is goal-oriented to provide the service needed to achieve hassle free closings.

Utilizing over 50 years of combined experience in the land surveying industry, providing a multitude of services for many properties across the nation, RPLS is poised to assist in the on-time closing that is required for smooth residential and commercial transactions.

Our commitment to service is not a promotion or a secondary action, it is our assurance that the dedication to your closing happens every time.

Our Services

Mortgage Inspection Report

Example Survey

Provide peace of mind for your clients as they reach their closing. With a Mortgage Inspection Report you can confirm that the home and all of its improvements match the given description of the property.

Foundation Inspection Report

Ensure projects are on target and following the guidelines of the building plans. We survey the foundation and improvements to the property and report them in a simple and easy to use format.

Boundary Surveys, with or without Improvements

Knowing exactly where your property boundaries are located is an important first step prior to installing a new fence or placing a building foundation.

ALTA Surveys

ALTA surveys are required by title companies for any commercial property transaction, i.e. a refinance, or purchase agreement. We have many years of experience working with national due diligence companies to provide accurate, on-time surveys for small and large commercial properties. RPLS currently has the ability to offer our services in 18 states, with more in the works.

Additional Services

  • Residential Land Title Surveys
  • Lot Split & Lot Pin Surveys
  • Cadastral & Boundary Surveys
  • FEMA & Elevation Certificates
  • As Built & ALTA Surveys
  • Design & Topographic Surveys
  • Subdivisions & Platting
  • Cell Tower Surveys
  • Tribal Lands Surveys
  • Manufactured/Modular Home Services:
    • Initial Site Inspection Report
    • Final Placement Report
    • Private Site Compliance Report
    • FHA Compliance Report

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